HealingConsciousness is a Healing Art, combining different elements to reach a new feel and level of Health, Wellbeing and Consciousness. 
Aura Soma® Colour Care System, Reiki / Energy Balancing, C.G. Jungs Analytical Psychology - Dream work, Inner Clearing/ Regression into Childhood.                                       

Meditation is a very important element of HealingConsciousness. Group meditation every Wednesday Morning 08:15-09.15 at 63 Cloetenberg Road,  Somerset West.  


The love for our beautiful planet, the universe and all existence is my foundation and inspiration to connect deeply with the mysteries of life. Humantiy and each individual person is on the same journey, to recognise themselves as what they truly are. Moving beyond seperation, back into unity, with themselves and the divine source. As we are able to deeply accept ourselves and get aware of our true divine presence, our life can change in miracolous ways. That is when real magic is happening. 

After my professional career in the world of Media and Travel, I studied Analytical Psychology at Carl Gustav Jung Institute in Switzerland, Zürich,  the Science of EnergyHealing, Reiki and the wonderful Colour System of Aura Soma®. I am a mother of 3 children, grew up in Germany, have lived, studied and worked as a therapist for more than 15 years in Switzerland. My family moved to South Africa in May 2011, where we reside in the beautiful landscapes around Somerset West near Capetown. 

My education in therapy

  • Certified Counselor for adults in Analytical Psychology C.G. Jung Institute, Switzerland

  • Diploma Life Counseling Practitioner, Institute for Mental Sciences, Switzerland

  • Diploma BioEnergy Therapy and Meditation, Centre for Medicine Armenia, Switzerland

  • Certified Inner Clearing Practitioner, Dr. Peter Breidenbach, Germany

  • Certified Reiki Practitioner, 1st degree in Usui System of Reiki, Germany

  • Certified and registered Aura Soma Practitioner Level 3, England and South Africa.